Monday, February 11, 2013

Transfer of Miracles

Hwut up Greene Family,

Sorry just practicing my English (Reformed Baltimore English).  So yeah it's been a crazy week but things are starting to become more familiar, just takes a while to start a new area and learn the streets, investigators, and the 800 members in the Jones Falls Ward, and some of my new duties haha. Although it's been a lot all at once, I have been so excited and happy this past week. I think it starts with Elder Gundersen, who I already know will be one of my favorite companions as well as a good friend after the mish. We have a ton in common and we have the same style of doing missionary work. We know this transfer will be a transfer of miracles! I also have my old area with two other Spanish areas in my Zone, of which I am personally responsible for! I can't wait to go on exchanges (Early March sadly) and see my old investigators and members. 

So I wanted to start out with a little interesting thing I figured out this week. I went on exchanges with the assistants the 3rd day I was here and I went with Elder Weeks. He's an awesome missionary by the way. Anyways I popped a pill for my heartburn and he asked what it was for and I said heartburn. Turns out he had a bunch of heartburn too before his mission, the doctors couldn't figure it out either. Then they did a lactose intolerance test (don't drink milk for a couple days basically) and that's what it was! So I did my own "test" and turns out I may be lactose intolerant because I haven't had heart burn in three days which is the longest I've gone in like a year and a half! (You know how much milk I drink) So I guess I'll be making a couple switches on my diet and when I want to drink milk or eat milk products I'll just take heart burn meds! But yeah kinda crazy?

So when I got to transfer meeting I asked Elder Weeks who was going to shotgun into Winchester. Then he told me they were closing the area for a while til they got new missionaries. I was pretty bummed, especially after all the work me and Elder Ocasio got done out there. But I had to suck it up and have faith that God's plan is a whole lot better than mine. I called some of the English Elders out there and gave them some of our investigators that could understand enough. Including E., who we met with the day before transfers. She is so awesome and I'll miss her a lot too. When we asked where she was at in the Book of Mormon she opened up to Mosiah 17! I know she will get baptized, it just takes time.

So this area is amazing and I already love everything about it. We are teaching some super solid people. One is the P. family. They just went to the temple visitors center before I came here and they said they wanted to be baptized so that they could go in the temple. D. and T. are their names. I could tell they missed Elder Peterson (the Elder I replaced) but thankfully I figured out D. likes golf a lot so we became friends right away. The other two who are preparing for baptism are R. and G. They are two brothers from New Guinea (west Africa). They know English, French, and two tribe languages. They are so cool and although they have had hard lives, they really want to be baptized and start a new leaf. 

Well I must say I loved Winchester but Baltimore is where all the fun stuff happens so be expecting the good stories again! Hahah, I love you all and I'm glad to hear you are healthy(er). 

Elder Greene

PS No se precupen, todavia tengo el corazon de un Hispano.

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