Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Baptism!

Buenas afternoon! (I'm coming up with some good bilingual phrases)
Well I don't know if I got you depressed yet that a letter wasn't coming, but here is your letter! Monday we couldn't e-mail and yesterday we had Zone Training and an exchange (more on this later) so we decided to nix the E-Mails until now. But yeah we had an awesome week this past week and to answer some questions, me and Elder Gundersen are Zone Leaders of Baltimore. He is from American Fork Utah. He has three younger siblings and his dad is a type 1 diabetic. (That is the tip of the iceberg on our similarities, hahah) Also we live with two Spanish Elders. They are good Elders they just don't like to speak Spanish if they aren't out proselyting so I don't really speak with them sadly.
But the good news is is that I just got back from Baltimore East, my first area! I was with an Elder that's been in the mission for 7 weeks, named Elder Green. He is a great missionary and it was trippy to see how similar his situation is to how mine was. But we did the exchange so that I could interview their investigator named T. He is a really cool 60 year old Mexican man. We had a lot of fun the past 24 hours, I got to spend time with Felix and talk to some of the members I knew. It's so weird to think it has been 5 months since my time there, a lot has changed! But Felix is moving to Utah in March so this may have been the last time I see him before I return to Utah eventually! But yeah basically everyone I talked to said something like, "you speak Spanish good now!" hahah
So little side note, we ate dinner with a real cool family that the Wards know. The Perrin family. Her parents live in their ward, the Curtis family. They were excited to find out I was the Ward's nephew, hahah.
So we will be having a baptism this Sunday! His name is R. He has been through huge changes to come this far and we are so excited to see him get baptized, I'll be sure to send pictures on Monday. D. and T. couldn't come to church so we had to postpone their baptism. But they are still super solid. We taught the Law of Chastity to them and T.'s sister S. S. didn't agree to live it, sadly. But D. and T. were all for it. D. said a closing prayer that was too classic, he said, "Thank you for letting the missionaries come and teach us about adultery, because I wasn't sure what it was, even though I wasn't doing it. Also please help S. with her sinful ways and her adulteryness. Also please bless the missionaries that they can get home in 5 and a half minutes" (we were running late, hahah)
Anyways I love being a missionary and this transfer is flying so fast it makes me kinda sad. I hope me and Elder Gundersen can stay together for another transfer at least. I loved your letters and I miss you all and pray for you guys. Have a great week!
-Elder Greene

PS thanks for the package! I loved it. And yeah I think its lactose intolerance but we'll see. I drink Almond milk, it doesn't have protein but its better tasting than real milk! But I"m going to try lactose free milk.

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