Monday, May 5, 2014

See you on Thursday!

Hello Greene Family,
Welp see you on Thursday. I was tempted to stop my letter right there but I guess I will finish with a good one, hahah. Still doesn't feel real!
So this week was pretty awesome. I went to a lot of specialized trainings in the first part of the week for the Spanish Elders. I stayed with the Frederick Elders for two days, Elder Green and Elder Hitchcock. So the first morning I woke up and I had a cold and my voice was all deep and raspy. So on the way to specialized training, we had driven about a mile or so when we stopped at the intersection but there was a mini van just stopped in the middle. Rain was coming down really hard and all the cars were honking at the woman in the van. Well we parked at the gas station and ran out to push her, she was out of gas. The rain got going so hard and by the time we got the car to the gas station we were soaked from head to toe! The woman got out and thanked us, just as I was about to give her a card she asks what ward we are in. Hahah, she's a member. Pretty cool. Even though I was wet and sick, it was such a rewarding moment. After our meeting we got back and ate dinner quick to go help a woman move. So once again we went out into the rain and carried furniture through the rain. I loved it, especially being with two former companions.
So ever since I served in Baltimore East as my first area I had this dream of being able to serve there again my last couple transfers. Obviously that didn't happen. However, the last area that President wanted me to go to this past week ended up being Baltimore East. It was so awesome. I got to see a lot of old friends, including Felix. It was a blast. The first day our plans got shook up and so I felt inspired to go out to Essex and try Rina, who I taught a year and a half ago. We went and she and her sons let us right in. We had a really good visit and she agreed to listen to the Elders again! 
On Sunday the Gospel Principles teacher didn't show up so Vicente turns to me and asks if I can give the class, 2 minutes before it starts. Hahah, classic Alameda Branch. So I winged teaching about Priesthood. We all took pictures after church, I am going to miss them all a lot.
Well Family, I don't really feel like I'm actually going to see you this week. But I'm excited nonetheless! I have learned so much from my mission. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that He lives and that He loves us. 
See ya soon!
Elder Greene

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