Monday, November 4, 2013

One of the More Miraculous Weeks

Hey Family (and all others who choose to read this),
How is everyone doing? I haven't asked in a while, is your toe healed mom? No more boot? Just curious. Sounds like you all are keeping busy, I really liked your scripture mom (Alma 37:34). I don't think I've noticed that before either but I love it. I've met a lot of people on my mission that went inactive because they were just tired or weary of doing everything. I think many times we think we need to be perfect or attain a certain level of perfectness to return and live with God. But really we need to do our best to become like Christ and renew our covenants, and he promises us eternal life, not like some distant far off gift, but it is nearly in our grasp.
This week we ended up going to the church building on Halloween night and playing basketball and volleyball. I was rusty, I think it's been about 6 months or so since I last played, maybe more. But we had a lot of fun and the next day we were all super sore. But no I didn't really eat any candy really, although the day after Halloween Elder Green and I were walking for about an hour and we found 9 different sealed candy bars. Kids just don't take care of their candy like they used to... hahah. On another note, my health continues to improve and I'd say at this point my numbers are better than they were before my mission. My average over 45 days or so for blood sugars is 130 so thats nice. It makes it a lot easier to focus and just feel good!
This week may have been one of the more miraculous weeks of my mission. I've told you several times about Hermano "V", a less active man who hasn't come to church in over 4 years. Well this past Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with him and our Ward mission leader. The Spirit was just amazing and when we invited him to come to church, he said he would. The whole week we prayed for him and sent him messages some nights just to see how he's doing (he gets almost weekly surgeries for cancer). Come Sunday, I was just waiting to see him. 10 minutes before sacrament meeting starts, in walks his wife and two daughters. I walked over and shaked their hands and Hna "V" looks at me with the biggest smile and says,"He's here Elder." I looked up and in he walks with his shirt and tie! I couldn't stop smiling and everyone in the branch came and shook his hand or gave him hugs. During testimony meeting his younger daughter (12 years old) bore a powerful simple testimony. And I don't know if it was planned or not, but his older daughter (14 years old) gave the closing prayer in Sacrament. She asked in her prayer that all those who were able to come today would be able to come again next week. He stayed all three hours and his wife thanked me after church for all that we had done. We really didn't do much but I know that Heavenly Father was able to touch his heart when we visited him, and I am so grateful that we were able to watch that change take place.
On top of that amazing miracle, the whole "C" family came to church, "D" (another less active we have been working with), and Hermano "R" (same story as "D") all came. 3 of the members that bore their testimonies had been reactivated in the past 3 months. I don't think I stopped smiling yesterday, hahah.
Earlier in the week, we saw "J". He's a 20 year old from Peru, he's just a real good guy. We had an amazing Restoration lesson with him this week and he was feeling the Spirit big time. We have another lesson with him tonight and I'm praying he'll continue to progress.
This week we also will be hearing a Seventy speak to us, Elder Carlson. I'm really excited and I'll be sure to let you know what he instructs on.
Well I love you and I'm grateful for your letters and your prayers. Please keep Hermano "V" in your prayers that he can continue to progress.
Elder Greene
PS How is the house doing these days? We teach a super awesome less active family that is building a house and I told them about 2 months ago that you are too. So now they always ask how my new house is going and I never know what to say, hahah.

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