Thursday, May 10, 2012


May 10, 2012

Hey Family!

So we get to write you a letter instead of email because we don’t have pday til next Friday (18th) First off, Mom there is a slip of pink paper in here.  I need you to mail my immunization record back to me.  Also, I totally spaced packing my oil on a key ring, it’s in the front pocket of my backpack.  If you don’t want to send it I can just get some from the bookstore. 
            So the first day at the MTC was… overwhelming.  Right away you’re picking up books and heading to a classroom with a teacher who only speaks Spanish. (she speaks English, she just teaches us in only Spanish.) I met my companions, yes it’s plural, Elder Wright and Elder Ziegner.  They are both interesting guys, I will learn to love them.  Elder Wright is from Virginia, he is going to the Anaheim mission.  Elder Ziegner is from Oregon, he’s going to the Long Beach CA mission.  Apparently he knows Devyn Zebe? Anyways we learned Spanish then headed over and heard from the MTC pres.  Dinner (which is at 4:30 pm!) was pretty much Cannon Center to me.  Then we met “investigators” (actors) and met with them in large groups for two hours.  Then we met our zone leaders, they are pretty cool.  Oh and my district is interesting.  4 kids will go to Guatemala in 3 weeks, another 4 will go to Honduras in 9 weeks and then there’s me and my companions.  All in all the first day was one of the longest days of my life.  However I felt peace as soon as I entered, many times I was doubtful of my preparedness because of the intensity and amount of information.  But the Lord always gives me peace and courage. 
            Change of plans, we will have pday on Saturday this week, and Friday all the rest.  I just got your letter! Thanks so much!  Please tell me how volleyball goes!! Mom, you and me had the same feeling, which I greatly appreciate.  Today went much faster and I am starting to get more excited about missionary work. I played volleyball, Connor was right it sucked.  I have seen so many friends here already! Elder Colin Montgomery, Elder Zach Anderson, Elder Ryan Callister (BYU), Elder Tyler Ottawagen?, Elder Nick Curtis, oh and I see Sister Nelson from our flight all the time.

Well my hand hurts so I just want say I love you guys and I know I’m in the right place.  I’ll email you on Saturday.  (This will include my tribute to mom!)

Con amor,

Elder Greene

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